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Payday Loans For Bad Credit

You are not the only one with bad credit. Times are hard; some people have to do two or three jobs to pay bills. According to a report released by the FRB (Federal Reserve Board), almost half of Americans are crippled with credit scores below 680. This means that banks and other financial institutions are less likely to consider almost half of the U.S. population for credit lines. So when the unexpected strikes, these individuals have to search for other funding alternatives such as online payday loans for bad credit.

More often than not, Americans searching for online payday loans for bad credit tend to apply for cash advances. In every town and city in the United States, there exist plenty of payday lenders conveniently established to help you access a small loan facility when you’re experiencing financial problems and saddled with a bad credit score at the same time. Here at Slick Cash Loan, the lenders in our network don’t require our clients to have good credit scores. If your credit score is bad, you could still obtain a loan from us. But before you apply for online payday loans for bad credit, though, get some knowledge about credit scores and payday loans.

How is it like having bad credit before applying for payday loans for bad credit?

In the view of MyFICO, the company that tabulates credit scores, a person's score is normally broken down like this:

  • What's the person's payment history? – 35 percent
  • What's the amount owed? – 30 percent
  • What's the length of the person's credit history? – 15 percent
  • What's the person's credit mix? – 10 percent
  • What's the person's new credit? – 10 percent

So, if a person consistently misses his credit card payments, his credit score will decline. If he recently took a car loan and used to finance his house's makeover, the new credit will remarkably lower his score. Over time, if these actions continue unabated, his credit score will keep dropping – and he will lose access to all types of loans from conventional lenders.

As you would expect, several personal things that occur in life can prevent a person from upholding an impressive credit score. Although a bad credit score limits your access to financial "bailout" options, it isn't the end of your dreams. There are many lenders eager to reach out to people with bad credit scores and work with them. And with time, you can elevate your credit score again.

We are dedicated to providing better and safe payday loan alternatives that you can easily apply through your computer or smartphone.

How to find the right online loan with a low credit score

With a bad credit score, you still have several options besides us, but they are mainly brick and mortar downtown payday stores that are less than desirable. You could also need to travel to the other side of the town to find one, and some of your online options aren’t better either. It is hard to know what online lender to trust with your sensitive information. In some cases, you will begin getting email promotions from online lenders you’ve never contacted before. So, before applying for online payday loans for bad credit, ensure the following:

1. The trustworthiness of your online loan with a low credit score provider

The lender is trustworthy and licensed to operate in your state. Comb through the internet for reviews about the lender and check with your family and friends if possible. You can extend your research to your state’s licensing board. There have been cases of some lenders skirting federal and state laws by basing their operations offshore or in tribal territories. At Slick Cash Loan, we only base our business in states we’ve been licensed to operate.

2. The processing speed

The lender channels the money to you quickly. Fast processing of your loan enables you to fund the purpose quickly; you don’t want to receive an online payday loan for bad credit after you’ve been delayed and eventually financed your bills using other extreme alternatives or failed by going past the deadline. Here at Slick Cash Loan, we always make decisions instantly, because the application is done online and puts us in an excellent position to process your request in a maximum of 5 minutes. If you submit your application on a weekday just before 5:00 PM CET*, we will ensure that the money is channeled in your account the following business day.

3. Is the provider of your online loan with a low credit score responsible?

The lender operates within the boundaries of responsible behavior. Some payday loan firms will keep giving you the same loan amounts and rates even if you’ve established a good history of timely repayment with them. Here at Slick Cash Loan, we’re determined to change that, and we’ve duly established a ladder for you; every timely repayment could qualify you a bigger loan facility next time.

4. Terms and conditions

The lender has an explicitly stated list of terms and conditions. It is easy for a lender to get you with unexplained rollovers, bizarre interest rates, and veiled fees. If these things are not talked about in the lender's terms and conditions, it becomes fairly easy to challenge them in court. But without terms and conditions and if the lender is based in another offshore jurisdiction, you will be up to a huge struggle. At Slick Cash Loan, we communicate everything with you from the beginning about what is the interest rate, how much will the loan cost, and so on.

Requirements and rules for applying for online payday loans for bad credit with us

Firstly, you must be at least 18 years old to access our online payday loans for bad credit. Secondly, you must be a resident in one of several states where we do business. Thirdly, you must be currently on a recurring income source. We will ask you to furnish us with the proof of your recurring income source, failure of which you’ll be denied access to our loans. You must also have an active bank account or checking out that receives electronic transfers; the account must be registered on your name. During the application process, you must furnish us with your phone number, email, and fixed address.

Facts about payday loans for bad credit

Before seeking online payday loans for bad credit, it is prudent to know a few facts about it. These convenient loans are great for virtually everyone with a financial problem, but you need some education about it if you want the best outcome out of it. Here are the basics about the online payday loans for bad credit:

  • Payday loans can be described as short term and unsecured loans that you can easily pay back with your next paycheck
  • A typical payday loan lasts around two weeks until the full balance is paid back
  • Very much like traditional loans, late payback attracts higher late fees
  • Most people who receive online payday loans for bad credit never struggle to pay them back because they’re short term
  • Another name for payday loans is “cash advances,” and they’re mainly sought by individuals with emergency expenses

What's the process of obtaining online payday loans for bad credit?

Besides the fact that no question is asked and no consideration is made regarding your credit history, perhaps the biggest reason why people love online payday loans for bad credit is the simple and easy application process. You don't have to physically visit our offices or go anywhere else to fill forms or collect your funds.

Here are the steps you'll need to follow to get online payday loans for bad credit:

Step 1: Application

Open your computer or smartphone and log on to our website. This will take you less than 5 minutes if you're using a fast device with a fast browser. Proceed to sign up with us using your email address or phone number. You'll be required to fill the web-based application form with your phone number, address, email address, and your personal/financial details. You are advised to fill the form with truthful details.

Step 2: Wait to hear from us

After you've submitted your application for online payday loans for bad credit, all that is left is to sit back and wait for our word. We will peruse through your details and ascertain the truthfulness of your information before processing your online payday loan application. It will take a few minutes for us to notify you whether your application has been approved or declined.

Step 3: Receive your money

In case your application is approved, we will send the loan to the account you stated in the application form within a matter of hours.

How does Slick Cash Loan’s online payday loans for bad credit compare?

  • How much money can I borrow? – Up to US$2,500
  • Why use us? There are no hidden fees
  • What’s the chance of my application getting approved? – 95 percent
  • Why use us? Very high approval rate
  • What are Slick Cash Loan’s repayment terms? 2 – 12 months
  • Why use us? No paperwork
  • What’s the application channel? – Online Application
  • Why use us? It takes up to 5 minutes to apply
  • Will I be required to repay a lump sum? – Not at all
  • Why use us? Easy repayment
Looks agreeable, right? APPLY NOW to get your online payday loans for bad credit.

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