How to Qualify for a Payday Loan

qualify for a payday loan

Payday loans are meant to help in times of emergencies that need money to be solved. These loans are termed as high cost and for a short period. They are borrowed in a small amount of money and should be paid in your next income. Payday loan companies designed these types of loans for anyone in need of extra financial support. People with bad credit history benefit from these loans and get the best time to prepare for the payment. Your projects may have stuck due to a lack of financial supplements. Or an issue arises that needs immediate financing, you can run for a payday loan, but how do you qualify for a payday loan?

What you need to qualify for a payday loan?

An Identification Card

When applying for payday loans, the lender needs to know your real name, nationality, and age. This proof is simplified by availing a national ID to the loan lender. Maturity age consideration of an adult may differ from country to country. Therefore, being a citizen of one country with an ID will not guarantee you qualify for a loan in another country. National ID tells all about you and gives the lender a clue who you are.

Active Bank account

When applying for payday loans, there is a need to avail of an active bank account. The lender will have to check out if your account can receive money. Your bank account is where your loan will be disbursed. If you have no Bank Account, your lender may require you to have.

A Proof of Your Income

Payday loan lenders will always have to check out if you are actively working by considering your income. They evaluate how your payment gets into account. Payslip is one of the proofs that show your income. It also tells you what kind of job you work and how much you get as an income. The payday loan lender would also like to know when you get your salary either per day, weekly, or monthly. In-Store Checks are mostly the one needed when applying for payday loans. Personal checks award you a ticket to qualify for these loans.

In-person Availing

When applying for a payday loan, some lenders may require you to avail yourself. They will have to consider physical presence as evidence that you are the one applying for the loan. Using your ID, they have to check out if you are the card or payslip owner. It is the right decision as fraudsters will have no chance to use other peoples’ details to acquire loans. Many lenders may not consider this qualification, as some loans are applied online.

Contacts Lines or Addresses

Lenders of payday loans may ask for personal contacts that will reach you through. Active Personal contacts such as email and phone numbers can make you qualify. This consideration means that they can trace you whenever you are and when they need you. Contacts from where you work can allow you to qualify for a payday loan. If they fail to trace you, they can contact your employer for more details.

Why do I get rejected for a payday loan?

You may face rejection of your payday loan application in-spite of meeting all the requirements. Therefore having an active bank account, national ID, or payslip is not a guarantee you will get the loan. Several factors can enter your payday loan request.

State Law

In every country, there are state laws that govern loans and income requirements. If do not meet all the requirements of state law, you may not qualify for a loan approval. Each lender may have policies that will make you not get the loan after considering the state’s law.

Income Requirement

Not getting enough income can become a reason for rejection of your payday loan. Some lenders consider how much money you make before giving you a loan. There is a specific limit or level of income; payday loan lenders may expect you to be if they are giving you a loan. Mostly, they consider the high income you get; you are capable of paying back their money.

Multiple Loans

Having another loan may inter you from getting a new loan from payday loan lenders. Although payday loans are designed for people with bad credit history, some lenders may consider loan defaults. Loan defaults show a high probability of not paying a loan after borrowing. Most lenders tend to use real-time credit scanning for all of their customers who need a loan. If they find you with another loan elsewhere, their decision may be to reject your request.

Bankruptcy History

Having a bankruptcy history can make your payday loan request rejected. Sometimes bankruptcy may be termed as a lack of money to pay back any loan you may acquire. Credit issues, especially from payday loan companies, risk giving out loans to anyone without assurance of getting the return. If you have recently had a bankruptcy with your bank account, some lenders may deny you a loan.

Duration of Bank Account

Having a brand new bank account can make it hard to qualify for a payday loan. Most loan lenders seem to check how long your bank account has been active. The older it is, the more consideration. Old bank accounts have a history of how they have been receiving money. New bank accounts are not that trusted as they may not have a good record of receiving money.

Employment History

Payday loan lenders give out loans through considering your qualifications, such as payslips. If you have got a job recently, your working history may not show a dependable money source to pay loans.

Check Bounce

Bouncing your checks may deny you a chance to get a payday loan. Lenders consider personal statements, especially in-store, only to be actively generated by your bank. If you refuse this process, your request for a payday loan is likely to be rejected.


Payday loans help to get out of a financial emergency that may appear unexpected. Seeking help from payday loans is simple. To qualify for a payday loan, you will need your ID issued by the government and payslips statements. Active bank accounts and even contact addresses are also the things that help you to qualify for a payday loan.

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