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Are you in need of a quick cash advance? We specialize in hassle-free cash advance loans online to make it easy for you to get the cash you need. We understand that life gets hectic, and unexpected issues come up. Sometimes, your cash flow simply doesn’t match your immediate needs. That’s why we have created a simple, fast way to get the money you need right now.

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cash advance online

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Get Quick Cash Advance from Slick Cash Loan

If you're like most people living paycheck to paycheck, you know how easy it is for life's everyday obstacles to create a downward domino effect. For instance, a vehicle breakdown can result in lost time at work and a smaller paycheck. You might even lose your job if you can't repair your car in a timely manner. Even so much as a single flat tire can put you in a bind. Utility shutoffs, overdraft fees and medical emergencies are some other situations that can wreak long-term havoc in your life.

You're probably also aware that a bank loan can take weeks to be approved — and that's assuming you even qualify. A cash advance from slick cash loan can put a stop to the domino effect and prevent an inconvenience from becoming a catastrophe. We offer a simplified cash advance loan process anyone can use. Our 3-step cash advance loan system gets you money within 24 hours. Simply apply, get approved and get your cash!

Apply Online in Minutes

Standing in line at a payday loan store? Completing endless forms at the bank? Begging family members and friends to get the money you need?

Leave it all behind by applying for cash advance loans online in minutes. Answer a few simple questions from the comfort of your home or from anywhere if you have a mobile device. Our simple loan application only takes a few minutes and is available right at your fingertips 24/7.

Get Fast Approval

Have you ever applied for something online only to be told you’ll be contacted by a representative within a few business days? It is annoying, and when you need cash fast, it can waste a lot of your time.

We offer a rapid approval process after you complete your online application. We source the best lender for you, and once we find them, we reach out to you via email. In most cases, you’ll have an answer within the hour. Get the answer you need – fast!

Online Advance Up to $1,000

At slick cash loan, we know you’re just trying to get from point A to point B without missing a beat. Some loan services will limit the amount of your loan to $100 or less, if this is the first time you have applied for a loan. This is rarely enough to meet your needs. Everyone needs a little help now and then, which is why we offer cash advance loans up to $1,000. Whether you need $200 to get groceries for the week or more for an unexpected car repair, we’ve got you covered.

Direct Deposit

The purpose of a cash advance is to get your money quickly. Unlike other payday loan services, we do not make you wait for a check or mail you a prepaid card. We deposit your cash advance loan directly into your bank account within 24 hours so you can begin to use the funds as quickly as possible. How’s that for simple?

Why Should I Get a Cash Advance Online?

If you have never applied for a cash advance online, you might be wondering what the benefits are. After all, why should you choose to get a cash advance online instead of going to a local payday loan supplier? The choice is always yours, but our customers enjoy many benefits not offered by brick-and-mortar cash advance companies.

Start Now

Stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire? Have a medical emergency in the middle of the night? Get a final notice in the mail after business hours? With slick cash loan, there is no need to wait until the next day and travel to a physical loan provider. You can start your cash advance application online from anywhere in seconds.

Only Borrow What You Need

Our cash advance services provide loans of up to $1,000, but you do not need to borrow that much if you only need a small amount. Our simple process allows you to only request the amount that you need. Whether you need $50 or $500, we can help. Borrow only what you need to ensure you can easily pay it back.

Easy Terms

We work with lenders who specialize in short-term cash advance loans. We make the terms of your loan agreement simple with scheduled repayment options that coincide with your next payday. There are no hassles involved with mailing in a check or keeping track of due dates. Our terms are designed to make cash advance repayment hassle-free.

Perfect for Credit Issues

Working with a bank can be difficult if you have less-than-perfect credit. Even if you do get approved for a loan, you’ll have to complete countless forms, create a list of assets and practically jump through hoops.

Our lenders understand that not everyone has perfect credit, but sometimes people still need help with short-term financial issues. We do not require you to have spotless credit to apply for a cash advance online.

100% Secure

It seems like every week there is a new cyber threat that hits the news media and causes panic. As a result, many people are scared to do anything online for fear that their information will be compromised. At slick cash loan, your security is our top priority. We protect your information using the latest technology to safeguard it from would-be online criminals.

Meet Your Short-Term Financial Needs Now

A cash advance can help you avoid missing work, paying late fees or accruing hard-to-pay-down interest rates on credit cash advances. Borrow only what you need to cover the expense and pay it back out of your next check to experience minimal impact on your long-term wealth.

Ready to Apply for a Cash Advance?

Let’s recap: A cash advance loan can save you time, money and the headaches caused by missed work, service interruptions and unreliable transportation. The quickest way to obtain the cash you need is to apply for a cash advance loan online from slick cash loan.

If you need cash now, time is of the essence. Don’t jump through hoops for a bank loan or accrue credit card debt when you only need a short-term loan. Choose slick cash loan to get instantly approved for a hassle-free cash advance that is directly deposited into your bank account and available for use within 24 hours. Simply click "Start Now" to apply!