Why Renting a Home is a Better Option Than Buying

renting home better than buying

Do you wish to rent a home and not to buy it? Worry not, your option is right as there are several reasons why it is advantageous to you. Renting a home means you will only be a client to the homeowner, and you will be paying some amount. Buying a home means you will have to exchange money, goods, or services to own your home. Owning a home is a guarantee it will serve you for a long time. Your coming family generation can also find a place to stay.

But renting a house seems to be the best option than buying. Here are some reasons why it will be better to rent a home.

Amenity accessibility

Rental homes are made for business purposes, and they may include entertainment structures such as swimming pools. When you rent a house with these structures, you will have to entertain yourself more. You will be exposed to many amenities as they cannot all be found in your home. Putting amenities in your home may be costly, and you may not enjoy all benefits. Renting houses includes many luxuries that their tenants enjoy without incurring extra costs.

There is no incurring home maintenance cost

When you go to rentals, you will be required to pay for homestay and not what should be done to that home. Home maintenance costs such as roof repair, electricity installations, or water repair are under the homeowner. All repair costs the homeowner should incur and make their tenants stay in a good environment. Having decided to rent a home, you enjoy all benefits of not incurring any cost for home improvement or repair.

Low costs of utilities

Having a home may be costly when it comes to the installation and usage of utilities. Homes are made with large rooms or partitions compared to rental houses. If you decide to do some installation for your home, such as putting room heaters, it may cost. It is because your home rooms may be extra large and may need many heaters. Comparing utility cost usage in homes and rental houses, renting is cheaper. Paying utility bills in a rental home is quite reasonable.

Insurance costs are meager

One of the benefits you will have to enjoy when you rent a house is that you will be experiencing cheap insurance costs. There is always a policy in some instances that requires each home to pay a tax. Homeowners have to incur charges of taking an insurance cover for their houses. As a tenant, you incur fewer costs to pay for insurance cover under Renter’s Insurance Policy. This policy governs tenants on what they may be owning, such as having furniture and electrical accessories. Comparing how much homeowners and tenants will pay for insurance, renting will be the best.

There is no down payment to tenants

When renting a house, you may be required to pay for the next stay or month, usually termed a security deposit. If you decide to move out of the rental house before using your security deposit, it can be returned. The security deposits may be equal to the monthly rent cost or lower depending on the agreement between you and the landlord. Unlike no down payments by tenants, homeowners have to pay a high down payment. Buying homes with mortgages pushes the down payment up, and it becomes hard to manage the expense. This means that it’s better to rent a house than buying a home.

Easy to change where to live

Living in rentals has high freedom and flexibility to change where you want to live. Suppose you are not comfortable with where you are currently living. Only what limits where you as a tenant are your purchasing power for high-class houses. Renters also find it easy to find affordable rentals and rent. Unlike tenants, homeowners are more restricted on where to buy their homes. Even after purchasing, homeowners find a hard time moving their houses to a new area.

Enjoy a fixed renting amount

Renting is one of the enjoyable moments when it comes to payment. Mostly, landlords give a fixed price for their tenants to pay. Even when the homeowners change the payment amount, they always alert their clients before setting the new payment. Tenants find it easy to compare their income with the new rent fixings. More incredible is that clients can budget well their sources of money and manage to pay their rent. In buying a home, this situation becomes a bit hard. Mortgages, especially with fixed rates, may also bring a good factor in budgets. The adjustable-rate mortgages here can get a fluctuation situation to the homeowners. They may raise the interest rates, and landlords end up paying high mortgages.

No fear of home value depreciation

Every purchased commodity has a value in two ways, either depreciate or add its value. Owning a home, for example, has a risk of value fluctuation. A home that is not well managed lowers its cost. The homeowners carry this pressure of house value decreases. On the other hand, renters have no pressure on whether the house’s value increases or decreases. The only issue they have is how they will pay for the time they are there. They have no concern about what to do after the house they live in decreases in value.

Downsize apartment flexibleness

People who may have retired may wish to have a room that suits their budgets. The flexibility of downsizing the spaces gives renters a better option to consider more affordable houses. Small rooms can be regarded as renters with low income. Homeowners find it hard to recover the expenses they incurred when they were buying the home. If they have made much improvement in their homes, they may sell it at a low price.


The potential of living in rentals might be higher than that of living in your own home after considering several factors. Living in rented rooms is relatively cheaper as there are not many expenses. Buying a home is good as you will live in for a long time, but it may make it hard to carry on longer with it. There are certain expenses that the owner may incur, for example, taking insurance cover and home maintenance costs.

Mark Jorel Snow

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