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We are in hard economic times; an average student paying for his college fees has to work 2 or more jobs to stay in school. While there may be a glut in jobs in much of the developed world, income is still low that it barely meets the expenses. But things become quite bad when you have unexpected expenses that you must meet. Slick Cash Loan can help you supplement your disposable income or meet financial emergencies – if you would rather borrow than take salary advance or wait until payday.

Traditionally, cash strapped individuals have turned to credit card providers for a loan. The main setback about a loan from your credit card provider is its high-interest rate that could cost an arm. However, we have you covered; we provide a convenient and easier option to quickly get short-term loans at incredibly competitive rates. To do so, we are in collaboration with online direct lenders only network of cash advance who won’t hesitate to lend you cash advance loans up to $2,500.

What is a cash advance loan?

Cash advance loans are designed to be short term loans that can help you cope well – financially - until the payday arrives. The lender issuing the cash advance loan normally deposits the money directly into the bank account of your choice to easily access it and use it to sort whatever short-term financial distress you are facing. The loan is repaid on the next payday in consideration of the terms agreed upon. These loans are highly advantageous to any working individual; they are unsecured, so you don’t need to commit your property to get them. Also, they are geared towards meeting minor and emergency obligations such as medical bills, rent supplements or to repair a home appliance that has broken unexpectedly. Whatever the reason – do you want quick cash? A cash advance loan should be your priority option.

Cash advance online from licensed direct lenders only

There are several types of lenders but they all fall into two broad groups; the licensed and the unlicensed. Of importance in this context are the licensed lenders, who also fall into two broad groups; the direct licensed lenders and the non-direct/indirect licensed lenders. You are advised to conduct sufficient research before committing yourself to any kind of loan. Lenders are obliged by the state and federal laws to observe specific regulations and rules that are aimed at protecting the borrower. Direct lenders tend to handle the entire process from loan application to repayment. Some states, however, such as Ohio and Texas have CAB (Credit Access Businesses). For this reason, Slick Cash Loan is not a direct lender in those jurisdictions but instead arranges loan facilities that are financed by separately identified direct lender.

Why choose Slick Cash Loan as your priority direct cash advance loan provider?

If you are looking for a dedicated and responsible direct lenders only network that offer online cash advance, then you need to consider Slick Cash Loan. We are remarkably different from the average short-term loaners, as we believe in the potential of every borrower who approaches us, even if they have poor credit histories. At Slick Cash Loan, our objective is to ease the process of borrowing money; we are inclined to give you access to loans as fast as possible because we know you are in dire need. It takes less than 5 minutes to apply for a loan via your smartphone or computer and receive a decision from us. If you submit the loan application just after 5:00 pm, on any business day, you are more likely to get the cash in your account the following weekday. That way, you can quickly respond to whichever emergency you’re trying to attending to.

First-time borrowers may get only up to US$1,000 from our network. Once you have received a loan from us, you can earn credits or points that could help you up the ladder and qualify you to a higher loan ceiling - you just need to be in an eligible state.

Who is eligible for a cash advance from our direct lender network?

Each payday advance lender has different requirements designed for their borrowers that are distinct from another lender. At Slick Cash Loan, we try to make our loans accessible to as many people as possible, we only apply the most basic requirements most borrowers would meet. Our requirements include:

  • You are a resident in a state where Slick Cash Loan operates
  • You are 18 years of age or older
  • You have a registered phone number
  • You have a valid and functional email address
  • You have one or several recurring sources of income. The source(s) can include paychecks issued from your job or regular government paychecks. In some states, proof of income may be required.
  • You don’t have active military service and you’re not dependent on a person with active military service
  • You operate a checking account capable of allowing electronic transfer
  • You are ready to share your contact information, which includes your address

If you meet the above requirements, the next thing you can do is fill our simple and quick application form. All you need to give us are the details about your income, your contact details and then inform us where you would like the money to be deposited. We will communicate back to you within a reasonable period and inform you about our decision and how much money you need to repay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the questions our customers inquire most about

What or who is Slick Cash Loan?

Slick Cash Loan is a web-based company specializing in online loans. Via our site, clients can effortlessly apply for cash advance loans using their smartphones or computers. Borrowers can receive money via direct deposit in a matter of hours. This means you don't need to leave your home to get your cash when you need it most. We promote responsible borrowing, lending practice, and financial education.

What sort of loans do we offer?

Our core concentration is cash advance loans but we also offer installment loans, bad credit loans, and personal loans as several lenders in our network do provide such facilities.

What is the safety situation when applying for a cash advance loan online?

You are safe to submit the application through our site. The information you will surrender to use is purely used to determine your eligibility and to match up with your records from other relevant databases. We employ advanced encryption that hides your information from the prying eyes of snoopers.

At Slick Cash Loan, we are concerned and cautious about the ever-increasing instances of online fraud, debt-collection scams and similar fraudulent activities. Read our security declarations on transacting safely.

What are the basic requirements to meet before getting a cash advance loan?

You are required to fill a brief and simple application form with your basic personal information that includes the following:

  • Social Security Number (SSN) and driver license
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number, email address and home address
  • Bank account details to facilitate direct loan deposit
  • Details concerning your job and income as well as a salary payment schedule

Our clients don’t need to pay any fee to have their loan processed. Neither should you pay fees to any entity that demands it on our behalf for whichever reason.

What’s the cost of a cash advance loan?

That's going to depend on our terms or terms of any lender in our network and the type of cash advance loan you'll be seeking. Our clients are allowed to turn down the offered loan if they are of the opinion the terms are unfair or unbearable.

How much can a client borrow from online direct lenders in our network?

You can borrow up to US$2,500. This would, however, depend on local regulations in your state.

When will my cash advance get to my bank account?

Your loan will take a few hours to get into your bank account, normally one business day. At times, you may get the money within twelve hours of application. The waiting time will depend on various factors of influence at that time.

Do you have a mobile app to complete the whole application process via the phone?

We currently don’t offer our services via a mobile app. fortunately, though, all our services are flawlessly accessible via our easy to navigate mobile-responsive website. Use our website in the meantime.