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Are you considering an online loan but are worried you won't be accepted due to a bad credit score? Don't worry! At slickcashloan, we offer online loans for bad credit scores with flexible terms and conditions.

Online Loans For Bad Credit

You're in need of cash, and your paycheck won't arrive for a while -- or what will arrive won't be nearly enough to provide what you need. A loan would be really helpful, but with your bad credit, you'd never qualify for one, right? Wrong. There are times when bad credit can stand in your way, but our online partner lenders are more than willing to work with bad credit.

Why Bad Credit Is Normally a "Bad" Sign

Bad credit is normally treated as a bad sign because, for many people, it's the result of carelessness with finances. Maybe you overspent and maxed out a credit card, or maybe you decided you weren't going to pay something for whatever reason. But for many people, the road to that bad credit involved some bad decisions. So, lenders are wary of bad credit because it indicates, for many borrowers, that the borrowers are risky -- they might not be able or willing to pay back the loan. Unfortunately, this reputation affects even those whose bad credit is due to extenuating circumstances.

Credit Check

When you have a poor credit score you can get trapped in a vicious cycle of applying for loans and getting rejected because of your credit score which then lowers your credit score further. Ensure you only apply for an online loan that offers bad credit online loans to prevent your score from being lowered further and your time from being wasted. Once you have received your online loan, if you make the agreed payments on time, your credit score will improve, making it a win-win situation for borrowers. For individuals just starting out and hoping to improve their credit score for a mortgage, for example, taking out an online loan and repaying it in full is a great way to prove to larger lending companies that they can follow through on financial deals.

How an Online Loan Can Improve Your Credit?

So now you know that we offer bad credit online loans, but won't applying ding your credit score? It can, but a hard inquiry to check credit for approval isn't going to make your score nosedive. And time does heal your score; if you track it, you'll see your score go up each month.

Oddly enough, that online loan can help improve your score. Once the loan is on your credit report and your payments are reported, you can use your on-time payments to increase your score. Getting a loan with smaller minimum payments helps; it's much easier to make those when your income isn't so good, and you can pay more than the minimum to close out the loan more quickly.

An online loan gives you the opportunity to get quick approval, reducing the amount of time you spend wondering if you can even get a loan in the first place. Once you have the money, you'll be able to pay for whatever it was that necessitated looking in the first place, thus avoiding more unpaid bills or late payments.

The Application Process

Applying for an online loan is usually very straightforward. Application takes only a few minutes to fill in, saving individuals a large amount of time compared to how long they would spend applying for a similar loan at a bank. Applying for a loan at a bank is a lengthy and time-consuming process that requires multiple meetings and a credit score check. What's more, many loan applications are rejected by banks as they require information about how an individual will spend the loan. It is much more convenient to apply for an online loan, which has an easy application form, where the majority of loans are approved online.

What do you need to apply for an online loan?

The exact requirements for an online loan are very simple, and it only requires basic information such as:

  • The applicant must be over 18 and live in the US
  • They must be able to provide contact details and a permanent address
  • The applicant must be employed or have a form of steady income
  • They must have a bank account to receive the loan

Late payments

If you are unable to make a payment for your online loan, the exact procedure to follow will be outlined in the terms of your contract. There may be additional fees added to a loan if payments are not made so it is important to check and understand a contract before signing.

Multiple loans

It is possible to take out multiple online loans at once although this can vary from state to state and some regions require applicants to wait a set amount of time before applying for additional loans. It is bad practice to take out a second online loan to pay off a first and this should be avoided.

If you have read the above information and feel an online loan is right for you, fill in our application form now to view your online loan options. When you need money quickly, an online loan can give you the help you need, up to $5000, with minimum disruption to your everyday life.